reports and resources

Read the reports below to learn more about what our sector is doing to support a more sustainable energy future and how access to one of the world’s cleanest electricity grids can help consumers and industries transition to a lower-carbon economy.

The Climate Catalyst: Ontario's Leadership in the Green Global Economy

In their Climate Catalyst report, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce notes that governments should enable the transition to net-zero emissions by catalyzing continued investment in climate action from the private sector. It offers a window into the challenges and opportunities for Ontario in the global green economy, with case studies and policy recommendations to inform decision makers and inspire action.


Decarbonization and Ontario's Electricity System

This report by Ontario's Independent Electricity System Operator assesses the impacts of phasing out natural gas generation by 2030 and concludes that "there is no like-for-like replacement supply that can offer similar operating characteristics of gas generation... a complete phase-out of gas generation by 2030 would not only drive up residential electricity costs, detering consumers from investing in carbon reduction but "lead to blackouts, as electricity would not always be available where and when needed." Ultimately it notes that "gas generation offers a set of services, including quick response time and availability, that keep the grid reliable and help balance the variability of wind and solar output."


Vision 2050

In their Vision 2050 Report, the Canadian Electricity Association aims to clarify the policy variables and decisions that must be made over the next five to 10 years on the path to ensuring the reliability and sustainability of a modernized Canadian electricity system in 2050 as well as advances a vision for the future of electricity in Canada.


Energy Security and the Road to Net-Zero by 2050

This report from the Canadian Global Affairs Institute argues that while energy security will be crucial to net-zero GHG emissions by 2050, it is often overlooked in emissions reductions decision-making. They argue that this needs to change, or we risk compromising the economy, human health and safety, along with climate action itself.


Net-Zero 2050 Report

This report from the Ontario Energy Association serves as a “starting point" for what will be an ongoing and evolving dialogue about how to best leverage our energy system to reach 2050 net-zero targets. It reviews the various elements of Ontario’s energy system, the options available to achieve emissions reductions and provides key recommendations to set Ontario on an achievable path to a net-zero economy by 2050.