Ontario’s electricity system is among the cleanest in the world and represents the most important tool for our province to grow our clean economy and achieve our net-zero emissions goals. Help spread the word about how our clean electricity system will support Ontario’s transition to a lower-carbon economy and the critical role it will play in our collective fight against climate change by sharing the facts below with family and friends.


Ontario’s electricity system is 90 per cent emissions free and accounts for just 3.4 per cent of the province’s total GHG emissions. Learn more about how our clean grid can maximize the impact of the climate-conscious decisions Ontarians make.


Since 2005, Ontario has reduced GHG emissions associated with electricity generation by 90 per cent. That’s the equivalent of taking over 9 million cars off the road. See what else our clean electricity grid can do to support a sustainable future.


#DYK The single largest GHG reduction measure in North America can be attributed to the elimination of coal-fired electricity generation in Ontario. Learn more about how clean #MadeInOntario electricity will help achieve net-zero emissions goals.


#DYK Ontario has one of the cleanest electricity systems in North America. Learn more about how access to a clean electricity grid will help grow our clean economy and achieve our net-zero emissions goals.


The avg. electric car in Saskatchewan emits 146g of CO2/km. That same car powered from Ontario’s clean grid would emit just 8.1g of CO2/km. With one of the world's cleanest grids, we're maximizing the impact of Ontarians' climate-conscious decisions.


By powering their operations using Ontario's clean grid, retrofits at @AlgomaSteel and @ArcelorMittal_D will cut GHGs by more than 6M tonnes/year, the equivalent of taking almost all the passenger vehicles in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver off the road.