Electrifying Steel

See how Ontario businesses are leveraging innovation and one of the world’s cleanest electricity grids to electrify their operations and reduce emissions.

Globally, the steel industry accounts for seven (7) per cent of all GHG emissions from the energy industries – equal to global aviation, shipping, and chemical industry emissions combined. In Ontario, the steel industry is leveraging innovation and one of the world’s cleanest electricity grids to massively reduce their carbon footprint.

Both ArcelorMittal Dofasco and Algoma Steel recently announced retrofits of their operations that will phase out coal-fired steelmaking processes at their facilities. Algoma has pledged to invest over $700 million to electrify its arc furnaces and leverage Ontario’s clean electricity grid to power their operations. This transition is expected to cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 6 million metric tonnes per year by 2030 — the equivalent to taking more than 1.8 million passenger vehicles off the road, almost the number of all passenger vehicles in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver combined.

Through innovation and access to one of the world’s cleanest electricity grids, we’re helping sectors critical to meeting our climate change targets realize their emissions reductions goals while powering our province towards a cleaner future.

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As Ontarians continue to make more climate-conscious choices and industries invest in innovation to help reduce emissions, demand for clean energy will only increase. We already have a clean energy grid that can support the province’s growing needs, but we need a plan to make the most of our existing assets to reliably scale towards a greener, cleaner future.

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